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Media & Magazine

niood is your favorite lifestyle magazine.

niood curates items, sustainable and high-end places around the world. The magazine talks about arts, culture, well-being, fashion, lifestyle, and travels. niood is a lifestyle magazine for the avant-garde. niood is a creative and fun lifestyle platform for the modern and eccentric. We curate articles that showcase the experiences and ideas of the fashionista, the modern traveler, the trendsetter and those who actively promote creative movements that positively enrich our lives. niood covers established and emerging brands. We give a voice to those who are building our beautiful world of tomorrow. The products and experiences are handpicked based on quality and ethos. niood only promotes high calibre products ranging from a day-to-day convenience item to a one-time luxurious and eclectic find that marks memories. niood is your digital best-friend.
Website Link (English): niood.com
Website Link (French): niood.fr
Website Link (Spanish): niood.es